Project Description

Client:  Hunter Land Holdings
Location:  Beresfield, NSW
Contractor:  Patroy Enterprises
Date: 2017 – 2018

Beresfield 22 Wastewater Pumping Station (WWPS) is a submersible-type wastewater pumping station in Hunter Water’s area of operation.

Key statistics include:

  • Concrete wet well of nominal diameter (DN)  2700mm
  • Approximately 530m of DN140mm Polyethylene (PE) sewer rising (pressure) main
  • Two 15kW submersible pumps operating on a variable speed drive

Variable speed drives were selected to control the pump motors, allowing Hunter Water to adjust the pump flow rate to reflect changes in catchment wastewater loading conditions over time. This approach ensures energy usage is no greater than necessary.

Key activities

  • Catchment analysis to determine initial stage and ultimate wastewater loadings
  • Hydraulic calculations for pump station pipework to ensure operational efficiency
  • Civil, hydraulic, and structural design for Hunter Water approval
  • Sewer rising (pressure) main design including water hammer computer simulation
  • Coordination of electrical switchboard design to Hunter Water standards
  • Preparation of engineering drawings, reports, cost estimates, and technical specification