Hunter Water Accredited Design Consultants

we are Hunter Water Accredited Design Consultants for all categories of works, and experts in Hunter Water’s design and approval process.

Hunter Water’s Development Assessment and Application Process may be found at the following address:

After receipt of an Application, Hunter Water will investigate the requirements for servicing a development and respond with a Notice of Formal Requirements letter. The letter may require the engagement of an Accredited Designer to investigate and/or design water and sewerage works, such as:

  • Preparation of water and/or sewer servicing strategies
  • Design and certification of new / upgraded water mains and gravity sewerage
  • Design of new / upgraded water or sewer pumping station(s)
  • Design of new / upgraded¬† pressure sewerage system
  • Design of other special devices such as water pressure reducing valves

From 1 July 2017 Hunter Water operates under a new process for the delivery of new and upgraded infrastructure by developers. More information can be found on Hunter Water’s website at the following address:

Delivery of developer works generally falls under three categories:

  1. Routine Minor Works
    • Gravity Sewerage less than 25m long and of diameter 150mm or less
  2. Routine Major Works
    • Water mains and gravity sewer less than 300mm in diameter
  3. Complex Works
    • Water mains and gravity sewer of diameter 300mm or larger
    • Pressure sewer
    • Water and sewer pumping stations
    • Pressure Reducing Valves

The contact form on this page may be used to obtain a consultancy fee quotation for Routine Minor or Routine Major Works as noted in Hunter Water’s Notice of Formal Requirements letter.

For general enquiries, servicing strategies, major projects, and complex works, please feel free to make contact by phone or using the general enquiry form on our contact page.

Consultancy Quote Request:
Hunter Water Routine Minor or Major Works